The White Paper Method
The Improved Method

This 35 mm slide is a "difficult" one to scan because I took it with available light only, and there was a strong north light coming in the windows behind the subjects.  I scanned the top image at 600 dpi, using my earlier method of placing white paper on top of the slide to reflect the scanner's internal light back through the slide.  (You can see some of my experiments in scan resolution using this method.)

The lower image is the same "difficult" slide scanned at 600 dpi and the exposure set to 300.  However, this time I backlit the slide with a 13 watt compact fluorescent swing-arm desk lamp about 3 inches above the slide.  I used a piece of translucent white-ish plastic to diffuce the backlight.  You'll see that the colors are more intense, even though the image is much less contrasty, and more detail is visible in the faces.


This "difficult" image enhanced in three different ways.

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