Scanned by Barb

Wow!  Isn't this some scan!  Here's what Barb said about it and how she did it:

I am having great success scanning plants and flowers from my garden.  I suspend the flowers over the scanner so they don't touch the glass.  I still have a lot to learn and I keep working out the problems.  Most of the time, I can get a totally black background by turning off the lights in the room when I scan.  I cut the top and bottom out of a box which fits the scanner and painted the inside black.  If I get strange colors or patterns in the background, they are easy to replace.   Sometimes, I use white or colored material to drape over objects that I lay on the glass.   I have Wayne Fulton's book on scanning and still struggle with the best resolution to use when scanning.
If you'd like to write to Barb, she's consented to let me put in her email address.

Here's Wayne Fulton's excellent info on scanning--his book online.

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