Netscape Communicator 4


Eudora Pro 4

Eudora Pro 4 is much better than Eudora Pro 3.  It does almost everything with standard HTML codes and has almost as many text enhancements as Netscape Communicator 4 does.

As of version

HOWEVER:  Blinking text doesn't blink  in either Netscape Composer or Netscape's email reader.  It isn't even visible!!!  But it does blink normally in the browser.

Eudora Pro 4 has some useful features not in Netscape Communicator 4--

Eudora 4.3 installation warning!!!  When I installed the beta version, it screwed up my Netscape user preferences file (prefs.js) so badly that Netscape's Messenger would no longer run.  I had to use a backup copy in order to get it working again.  I don't know whether the release version of Eudora 4.3 does this--but if you try it, be careful!

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